Extra Large Pick N Mix Box

£20 Pick n Mix Box - Woodward’s Confection Limited
£20 Pick n Mix Box - Woodward’s Confection Limited
£20 Pick n Mix Box - Woodward’s Confection Limited

Woodward’s Confection

SKU: £20ranbox

A Pick n Mix box made to the Value of £24 Using any of our products from our Pick n mix Range these are one of our fastest selling products, 

They are rammed to the top with sweet heaven. 

Any Dietary requirements please select from the list.

Random will be any sweets we choose

Fizzy will only be sour sweets

Plain will have no sour sweets

 Approximately 2Kg in weight  

**Were Stock is applicable some substitutes maybe made** 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Rebecca Reilly
Great value for money

This is our 2nd order from Woodwards the first being part of my birthday presents from my kids and again its been fab the amount of sweets you get is incredible filled right to the brim. Would highly recommend especially cause they can cater for all dietary requirements which I think is awesome cause noone is left out👌

Alannah Salmond

It was filled to the brim with sweeties. And it was a good selection. Didn’t have loads of one and a few of another. Definitely worth it will 100% ordering again. PLUS THEY DO CATER TO YOUR DIETRY NEEDS.

Philly Carlyle
Wasn't expecting as much as i got in the box!

Like wow! How many sweets! There was ALOT of sweets in my £20 box which A) never went flying over the floor like last time and B) they got hidden from the kids haha! Would definitely reccomend them to anyone who fancys a sweet treat (my sisters even thinking about getting some now, your welcome!)

Will be back for more *soon*

Lorraine Carter

When I picked up the box the bottom fell out and the sweets went all over the floor so I could not eat any of them 😢

Britney Parker
Pick n mix boxes

These were great, great quality and great sweets loved them

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