£10 Pick n Mix Box

£10 Pick n Mix Box
£10 Pick n Mix Box
£10 Pick n Mix Box
£10 Pick n Mix Box
£10 Pick n Mix Box

Woodward’s Confection

SKU: £10ranbo

A Pick n Mix box made to the Value of £10 Using any of our products from our Pick n mix Range these are one of our fastest selling products, 

They are rammed to the top with sweet heaven. 

Any Dietary requirements please select from the list.

Random will be any sweets we choose

Fizzy will only be sour sweets

Plain will have no sour sweets

 Approximately 1kg in weight 

**Were Stock is applicable some substitutes maybe made** 

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Very Happy

Took some time for order to be processed but knew that in buying. When item finally arrived daughter and granddaughter were overwhelmed with the quantity of sweets in the box. Have already placed another order. A very happy buyer.

Just what I needed

I was prepared to wait as stated when I put order in thankyou


Loved my £10 box I received. Was full and weight over 1kg. Very impressed will order again. Yes there are delays but we are in a pandemic and it's worth the wait :) x

Great selection of fizzy sweets

I’m very fussy with my sour/fizzy sweets so I thought I’ll just go for a random mix of fizzy, and I’m so glad I did as I’m really enjoying the selection, even the watermelon ones and I don’t like watermelon flavour. You get loads for your money, I’m getting through them too quickly but that’s just greed 😂 they were really helpful as I think my order may have been forgotten but they very quickly rectified that and I received them a couple of days after sending an email. Would definitely recommend, thanks so much x

Bang in

That good I put another order in go and order won't be disappointed

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