Liam McCaffery

Liam McCaffery

Let me start by telling you what I know and then I’m going to tell you how you can help.. 

So like millions of us we have been consumed by Tiktok, recently my own mental health took a downwards spiral it had a lot of impacting factors. 

while flicking my fyp I stumbled across “Caff” he was listening to a song so I went to find it on Apple Music and I found it was his own. (His music is a desired taste and not normally mine) but I lost myself in his music after listening I always felt better about my situation and it help lift me. 

so I followed him ! This is how I got to find out his story, (now go get some tissues your gunna need it) 

Caff like myself has fought with his mental health and what an inspiration he is with it. He has a sister who he openly speaks about saving him when he couldn’t save himself. Sadly his sister has terminal cancer and this is going to kill her as hard as that is to hear and swallow. 

caff made her a promise to look after her children but Caff isn’t a high rolling rock star like he deserves he is just a normal man living each day hand in hand selling a few CD’s to people like me trying to grind. 

when Gemma does leave this world she is going to leave 2 beautiful children behind. 

watch this video if you want context 

now Liam has a target of £4,000 on his go fund me (I’ll add the link at the end) 


£4,00 isn’t a massive Amount of money when you consider these children’s life is going to be rocked harder then it already is. 

now your saying come on nat how can we help. Well of course you can donate to the go fund me !! 

but also every single tip we get from now till the end of the year will go to this family. So please hit the tip button..


we will also have a pot inside the shop.. 


you can really make a huge impact by tipping just 1% of your order value. 

let’s do this guys I know we can !!

please share this and help love you all Nathaniel 

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